Our Social Commitment

Social commitment is part of our company identity.
We want to play an active role in helping our society grow.
We want to be a constant supporter of young people involvement into cultural projects, scientific work and sports.
We want to be a constant help for people that need support to pass through difficult times and a powerful supporter for all the organizations that are committed to help them.

From Read My Mind T-Shirts perspective, we put our label as guarantee of this support.


We take pride in the quality we deliver. 

For each t-shirt you order we commit to donate a fraction of the price for charity.

How this works?

For each t-shirt we sell 5 lei will be added to a special fund.
Each year, in December, at a date that will be communicated on our website and through our newsletter, we will hold an event where we will present our donations.
Because we want our donation to make an impact, only one charity will receive our yearly donation.

RMMTS donations in Canada
We are proud to announce that our RMMTS Label donations goes to
Breakfast Club of Canada / Le Club des petits dejeuners

Thank you all, our clients and our friends that made this contribution possible.