About Us


Read My Mind T-Shirts is a brand of Group Twinkle Communication.

Although  our adventure started in 2017, in Montreal, Canada, in 2021 we decided to move our business in Europe (in Sibiu, Romania, to be more precise) where we still aim at offering high quality products and awesome ideas through a variety of brands, all over the world.

For more details about our mother-company, you can visit us at Group Twinkle Communication Europe.


Social commitment is part of our company identity since the inception of RMMTS.
We want to play an active role in helping our society grow, wherever we are based.
We want to be a constant supporter of young people involvement into cultural projects, scientific work and sports.
We want to be a constant help for people that need support to pass through difficult times and a powerful supporter for all the organizations that are committed to help them.

From Read My Mind T-Shirts perspective, we put our label as guarantee of this support.

For more details about this initiative and other campaigns, please consult our Social Commitment page.


More technical details about our processes and material coming soon.